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Welcome to Auztus

Auztus Laboratories Private Limited, an expanding player in the import-export industry with extensive experience, draws inspiration from the government’s commitment to elevating this sector. Our business ethos revolves around a fusion of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality, propelling us from a pharmaceutical focus to becoming one of India’s most successful companies.

Embracing the ethos of goodness, we express our values daily in every aspect of our operations. The export sector, particularly in Pharmaceutical Products, holds immense potential in India, a nation known for its versatility. The influx of tech-focused companies choosing to establish manufacturing units further reinforces India’s prominence in the global market.

Auztus Laboratories emerges as a dynamic pharmaceutical company, marked by strategic alliances and collaborations with reputable firms. The trust garnered from healthcare professionals and patients is a testament to our diverse range of high-quality products. Our success is rooted in an unyielding passion and commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and ethical values, driving continuous growth and the achievement of milestones.

Collaborations and alliances have empowered us to expand our product offerings and enhance capabilities, showcasing our dedication to delivering pharmaceutical solutions that meet stringent quality standards. Auztus Laboratories transcends being merely a pharmaceutical entity; we embody the transformative power of passion, commitment, and ethical values in propelling a company to new heights.

As we experience exponential growth, our unwavering focus remains on maintaining the highest levels of quality and ethical practices. This commitment ensures that our business expansion unfolds with integrity and credibility, reinforcing Auztus Laboratories as a symbol of excellence in the industry.


Auztus Laboratories proudly asserts its confidence in the comprehensive management of quality across its full-scale production and specialized manufacturing facilities. Our expertise encompasses the production of tablets and capsules (both beta-lactam and non-beta-lactam), liquid oral syrups, and skin care formulations.

The company’s commitment to maintaining stringent quality measures is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process, establishing quality as the defining benchmark of our operations. Our manufacturing unit is not only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified but also adheres to Schedule “M” compliance, aligning with WHO GMP norms. This ensures that our products meet or exceed global standards of quality and safety.

By upholding these rigorous quality control practices, Auztus Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to consistently delivering pharmaceutical products that are reliable, effective, and meet the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide. Our commitment to excellence in quality management is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the well-being of those we serve.


At Auztus, our mission revolves around two core objectives aimed at enhancing people’s well-being: ensuring the affordability and accessibility of medicines, even in remote areas across India. Our commitment is to reach as many individuals as possible, extending the benefits of our pharmaceutical solutions far and wide.

Central to our vision is the goal of delivering total customer satisfaction and attaining leadership positions in selected markets, products, and services. We recognize that achieving excellence necessitates a foundation built on world-class research and development (R&D). Through continuous innovation, we strive to set industry standards and provide cutting-edge solutions to meet the diverse healthcare needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we embrace our responsibility to society, upholding high ethical values in all our practices. Auztus is dedicated to conducting business with integrity, ensuring that our actions positively impact not only the health of individuals but also the communities we serve. By aligning ourselves with these principles, we aim to contribute significantly to creating a healthier and more accessible healthcare landscape for everyone.


“Our vision at Auztus is to emerge as a prominent pharmaceutical company in India and establish a substantial global presence by offering high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment. We are steadfast in our commitment to showcasing our influence both at the national and international levels, aiming to solidify our position on the global stage by the end of this decade.”


“With a robust portfolio of business ventures and a diverse product range, we possess a competitive edge in a dynamic and challenging market. This advantage empowers us to break down socio-economic barriers and ensure the accessibility of affordable medication to people from all walks of life. Our commitment to providing inclusive healthcare solutions remains unwavering, as we strive to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals, irrespective of their economic circumstances.”.

Quality Control

At Auztus, quality is the cornerstone of our identity. We embrace Total Quality Management as a philosophy, prioritizing it over mere quality control. To ensure the excellence of our products, we have established strategic alliances with world-class pharmaceutical companies boasting proven track records. These partners have evolved into multifaceted entities on both national and international fronts, equipped with modern laboratories and sophisticated equipment, certified with ISO 9001:2000 and WHO standards.

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our manufacturing process, conducted in controlled and hygienic atmospheres that adhere to world-class standards. This meticulous approach is integral to meeting the stringent quality requirements, reinforcing our dedication to delivering pharmaceutical solutions that meet the highest standards globally.

Our Team & Their Theme

Auztus has been shaped from its inception by effective, efficient, and principled management. Our success is driven by relentless efforts in research and development, coupled with unwavering determination and dedication. This commitment has forged a brand name that others aspire to emulate.

Our team of dedicated members is not only well-equipped but also possesses the necessary expertise in product development, quality maintenance, and marketing. We prioritize the growth and skill development of our workforce through on-the-job training and seminars conducted by highly qualified professionals.

In our mission of ‘care to cure,’ we are sprinting ahead, continually striving to bring about positive change through our innovative approaches and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Future Plans & Services

In our pursuit of excellence, we recognize the importance of real-life data and the critical factor of time to market. These two elements are the cornerstone of our approach. At Auztus, we possess the ‘perfect’ attitude, which fuels our drive to venture into innovative ideas and consistently introduce the latest products under our brand.

Our commitment to providing ‘hassle-free’ services is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction. This attitude, combined with seamless services, enables us to stride forward confidently. We believe that this confidence will be the driving force propelling us to achieve our goals and maintain our position as a reliable and innovative player in the pharmaceutical industry.